Friday, 16 September 2011

Public Content Vs Private Content

For some time I am debating myself “How good public contents are for serious learning?” when internet is flooded with user created content in the form of Blogs and other medias like videos, slides and others.

Is content really reliable?
Is there any authenticity to the informations?
How individuals accept views of other people?
How business accept the views of people?
Is public domain information is more junk than good?
Who is using public content most?
        • Tech people
        • Health Care
        • General Public
        • Financial services

Is e-learning courses could be created using public content?

I have check with lot of big companies where internal learning management system and knowledge based was implemented by spending millions of dollars. But when I ask them how they search for learning they all responded in same way that use google as first options to learn from public domain information then do search on internal system.

This reply triggered questions,
Is there LMS with public domain content? 
How to create courses using public domain content?
Is it legal to use others content?

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