Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Our Story

After working in software companies for 10 years in India and aboard.  5 years back My question  of  What Next?  Triggered to start software company to build cloud enabled products for SMB segment. We build cloud enabled ERP and got decent customer.

SMB create unique challenge in marketing and implementation. We need to create working relationship at lowest cost to get bigger opportunity.

We looked at other common challenges faced by business irrespective of industry and size.  It gave us following list
-         Monitoring project / order execution
-         Maximizing employee productivity
-         Develop workforce with superior knowledge and skills
-         Provide quality training & development
-         Standardized process of knowledge sharing
-         Customized for each employees
-         Easy access to day-2-day information
-         @ virtually ‘0’ cost

We build cloud enabled productivity tools with Project Monitoring, Internal Communication and Learning Management System

Customer asked us who would create knowledge apps?  It is same problem for everyone and us.
It gave depth and size of problem. We decided it has to be crowd sourced.   And developed platform www.learnnpublish.com which can be readily customized by businesses and also for individuals.

“Powerful & Sophisticated learning solution which uses the cloud to crowd source knowledge apps from publicly available expert content”