Friday, 2 September 2011

How your own problem could drive you for new product and business? (

Hotmail and tweeter are best example how addressing your problem in innovative way could solve pain of millions of people.

We are software company providing service in different technology. We are not big enough to have internal training department. And team leads need to training their members. Technology changes fast to get standard training material, if available then it is expensive.

Issue 1: Content (Training Material)
Most often developers search web and learn from public content which is much better than internal content from their training department. Our people always jump to search engine and start reading.

Solution: Solved by public content like blog, video, slide etc

Issue 2: Right Content
Developers land on right content after wasting 75 % of learning time. It affects development cycle and turn around time was always more. Only 25% time was actual learning 75% is unproductive for company.

Solution: Team Lead started forwarding URLs to member to reduce search time. It solved right content issue but moved to next issue.

Issue 3: Monitor Learning and Understanding
50% of the time developers jump on to development just after reading article or video without understanding full how it will solve their current and future problems. Then team leads need to spend more time to correct and provide quality products to customer.
We tried multiple approach and finally decide to build e-LMS for company which will have courses using public content. And testing module which test understanding of developers in that topic. It solved monitoring of learning. It worked well for few weeks then new issue started who to create more contents, people are always busy in projects and want course to be created by people with hands experience not just text worm. We are back to square 1 with e-LMS like big companies where people jump first to search engine. We can't avoid search engine but we want search engine to be last option.

Solution : e-LMS

Issue 4: How to create new and latest courses, when we don't have internal expertise?
We thought crowd sourcing will be best option to have latest and best contents in our system, since more experts will create courses. Which will improve our people learning. Next question came, why should expert create courses for us?
Then we decided that system should provide following benefit to publisher
  1. Monetary
  2. Branding as Expert in his field (Enable better employment and acceptance)
  3. Bigger Market Reach to more customers
We redesigned e-Learning system as course market place which allows individual and companies to publish e-learning courses using public content. Companies could have corporate account which will allow them to monitor learning of their employees with features like Assign and Suggest courses to users. System also provides ability to integrate with intranet or employee portal with single sign on.

Our problem of training teams lead us to market place for courses created using public content.  

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